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Ah, Sundays, a true blessing from the beloved Dark Sun. Axel spun around for the millionth time in his presidential (his) swivel chair, kicking off the president’s (his) desk for the millionth time seeing how many times he could make the world spin before his body told him to chill the hell out in the form of threatening to vomit.
He eventually skidded to a stop, only moderately dizzy, and pondered. It was Sunday, there was nothing to do on Sunday because no one DID anything on Sunday. And his usual crew found their own way to slip out and slack off. Pink was off to another netherworld because she recieved orders from a “higher up”, as if there was anyone higher up than him, Actress was shooting a film and Main Hero B was in the hospital after getting tipsy and challenging a Wood Golem to a game of chicken. 
Axel was bored and alone, but not lonely, oh definitely not lonely, why would you even imply such a thing.
He was complementing giving his great pals at the Hades Party a visit when there was a loud knock on the Presidentail (his) door… 

pommypoisonoverload asked:
If, due to a time paradox, you're now the main character of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, how would you react?


This is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.



"As usual, I really can’t keep up with you guys."

"You’re doin’ better than I am."

((gonna start RPing again soon!

Anyone interested? ))

Hey guys check out these SICK RIFFS

Hey guys


It’s officially a tradition now





*plays guitar*
Im more important as a character than the rest of the entire disgaea 2 cast
*smashes guitar on adell’s house*

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